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Field Staff with a passion for their job

Since we first established our business in 2002, our remarkable growth has been based on our ongoing quest for cost efficiency and improved results for those brands represented by us in the field.

It speaks for itself that these results in the field are made possible primarily by our committed team consisting of no less than 1,000 experienced field support workers. Each and every day, our staff members focus on helping you achieve your predefined goals and objectives. Through one-on-one coaching, the appropriate remuneration and the proper spirit – all characteristic of people-oriented organisations – our staff are able to activate your brand in the field.

Our SMS Solutions team includes:
• Merchandisers & remodelling specialists
• In-store animation assistants and demo assistants
• Sales promoters and representatives
• Auditors, mystery shoppers and logistic field support workers

We can custom select team members to suit your projected field activities and to implement your promotional event in a targeted manner within the set deadline.

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Looking for a challenging job?

"Do you need multi-channel communication? SMS Solutions not only provides people solutions, but also digital solutions and consulting."